The Boss Course, 'Mini' Boss Course and Mood Boards

If you’re new to Science of Style, this is a great place to start! Check out the resources below and become the BOSS in your wardrobe.

FREE Style Science Mini Course

Would you like to learn about the system that gives you complete wardrobe you can dress better, stress less and shop smarter?

Course Details

This is a 4-Part free online mini-course that walks you through all the basics of the Make It Look Easy Style Science System.

  1. The simple trick that turns any outfit from boxy to foxy
  2. How to add curve and proportion using the power of necklines
  3. The fool-proof formula that creates fabulous outfits
  4. Learn more about best colours and contrasts and how they work to make you look amazing

Grab Your FREE Mood Boards!

Even if you haven't completed the Boss Course, you can grab your own set of mood boards to help determine whether your colour type is Creative, Hair, Vibrant or Eyes. We'll send them to you for free, just cover shipping and handling.

The Mood Boards will help you:

  • Discover your colour type
  • Clean out your wardrobe
  • Assist you when buying new items
  • Help you find colors that match
  • Look your best every day

The Boss Course

The Boss Course is an online course for busy women powered by Nat's "mutant eyes", and a proprietary, fool-proof genetics-based system that determines which colours and styles suit you. Get complete confidence in your wardrobe. So you can look & feel your best...every day.

The Boss Course is currently closed.

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