Size Guide


Bust - Please measure yourself wearing your normal well fitting bra that you intend to wear. Please measure across the widest part of your bust ensuring the tape is straight and even around you.

Waist- Please measure at the smallest part of your waist or where you would normally sit the waistband of your skirt, shorts or pants. Please ensure tape is straight and even around your body.

Hips- Your hip is the area of your body between your pelvis and the ball or socket that allows your leg to move. You will find that wrapping the tape measure around yourself in this area will encompass the widest part of your bottom. Please again ensure that the tape is straight and running in an even line around your body.


Please find a BODY MEASUREMENT CHART here for your reference. We do not provide flat lay measurements as many garments have stretch in them and some styles are meant to be worn loose or relaxed and measurements under these circumstances can be misleading.

You will see we have numbered our garments 0 to 6 to indicate size. However, as there is currently no standard in Australia in relation to sizing We recommend that the below information be used as a guide in conjunction with the Body Measurement Chart. We can also be contacted on 07 55775230, live chat or via email at to assist you with any concerns you might have in relation to fit.

Size 0 is a 6,

Size 1 is an 8,

Size 2 is a 10,

Size 3 is a 12,

Size 4 is a 14,

Size 5 is a 16,

Size 6 is an 18.