Online Colour Analysis
Online Colour Analysis
Online Colour Analysis

Online Colour Analysis

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Sizing and Measurement Guide

Accurately identify which colours suit you best

You will learn whether you have warm or cool skin, what your contrast and colour value is and we will identify up to 15 signature colours for you plus provide you with your own Colour Palette and Guide.

What's included in the Online Colour Analysis?

  • A 1 hour one-on-one session with Alison or Moana via Zoom
  • Accurately identify which colours suit you best
  • Identify your contrast and colour value.
  • Your own Colour Palette and Guide, mailed to you
  • Colour Palette Swatches and eBooklet

The zoom meeting referred to here is not just a follow up for answering questions .

The Zoom is an hour Consultation where we explain to you the results of our detailed Analysis in full. We will advise you on your best colours , your signature colours and how to wear these colours in the best possible way to suit you. We will ensure you know how to shop on line and with your palette in bricks and motar stores and how you can use your palette to mix and match colours to create amazing outfits easily.

We also advise you on your best shoe colour, jewellery colours and hair colour during this zoom consult and more.

Once you have purchased your Colour Analysis you the gain exclusive access into our closed Facebook group called The Circle where your colour and style journey will continue with a like minded supportive Community of Women and where you will become actively involved in designing our fashion collection each season.  Making sure there will always be styles and colours to suit you and your life style.