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Tracey Crawford

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"Style is a priceless gift that's available to anyone. Your style evolves as you evolve as an individual. Fashion is freedom, fashion is expression, fashion is empowering"


About Tracey

With a passion for designing and sewing from the age of seven, Tracey has decades of manufacturing experience to be proud of. Studying fashion was just the start - gaining experience as a machinist in a busy sewing factory in the UK was the foundation she needed to build a career from the ground up. Learning to sew in an industrial environment worked to her advantage in years to come. Training as a pattern designer created opportunities to work overseas as local production ceased in the mid 90’s. Taking an idea from a sketch and translating it onto paper to make a garment is a technical skill not many understand, but it is a critical part of the process and really where the magic happens. Her most challenging design role came when creating a bridal range for a variety of major high street stores including BHS, House of Fraser, Debenhams & Selfidges

"The challenge of creating something so beautiful, which had a ‘made to measure’ feel on a budget was perfect for me. With a background in manufacturing & extensive pattern making, I knew exactly what was needed to produce the very best ‘off the hanger’ wedding dresses to make ANY girl's dream come true."

with Tracey

My biggest regret is giving up ball room dancing.

I am TERRIFIED of the ocean!

I will do anything for a Ginger Mojito!

The Journey to SoS

Coming to Australia in 2006 was another dream of Tracey’s. As a girl people often asked 'who do you want to be when you grow up?' she would reply ‘Australian’, and so it was. After creating products such as suiting, outerwear, underwear & accessories for all the Australian major stores, such as Target, Bra’s & Things, Sussan, Saba, Sportscraft, Billabong & wYse she finally found herself at Science of Style.

"After spending my whole life creating, I quickly understood that fashion is something most women simply love. Finding the right garment excites us, makes us feel confident & changes our mood. A wrong choice can make us feel unsure & uncomfortable. My focus at Science of Style is about giving you exactly what you want. To bring you joy & exceed your expectations in all areas of design, fit and functionality. We will drive this label together, supporting & empowering each other, while staying true to ourselves. And as life challenges us & you change, then we will change with you. Experience life's little ‘fashion thrills’ in comfortable, well fitting fabulousness that sparks joy & makes your heart flutter. "

Tracey, working as a machinist in a busy sowing factory in the early 90's... Bring back the curls Trace!

Here's Tracey after jumping into the pool on her wedding day, in her dress! A cake fight also broke out shortly after this photo was taken. Great times were had by all!

Tracey LOVES fancy dress! Here she is all dressed up for the Daffodil Day walk in Sydney.

Sometimes Tracey's beautiful, fun-loving and bubbly personality makes it tough to get any work done... Stop playing with props Trace :)!