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"Be yourself, let yourself glow – there is more to life than we see and know. Keep learning, keep curious. Stay aware and true. Be thoughtful and kind and most important of all, Be YOU."


About Moana

As an Image Consultant and Personal Stylist Moana believes that “style is an inside job”. When women look good they feel good and vice versa. The most important aspect of style is that each woman has the opportunity to look, feel and be the absolute best version of themselves. Moana is especially passionate about Style Personality and Colour.

"I worked for many years in legal offices and then family businesses then qualified as an Image Consultant with the Academy of Professional Image in 2013. I have been helping hundreds of women find their style over the past eight years"

with Moana

I did a skydive jump from 10,000 feet over Great Keppel Island and loved it.

I love the ocean

I am terrified of hedgehogs!

The Journey to SoS

Moana has always had an interest in beauty and fashion, first as a Beauty Therapist and Skincare Consultant and then as Personal Stylist/Image Consultant & Coach.

Moana has co-authored “How Becoming a Coach Changed My Life” as well as Best Selling “Empowering Stories of Female Leaders who said YNot” and author of Best Selling “B Styled for Life – Living with Sass and Style Over 50”.

With clients near and far around the globe Moana enjoys taking advantage of technology and finds virtual colour and styling consultations beneficial and convenient for her clients. Communication is consistent and available so that clients can receive ongoing support, ask questions and feel supported through their colour and style journeys.

Moana enjoys the Gold Coast lifestyle and spending time with her husband, two daughters, their husbands and her six grandchildren. She enjoys meeting people and supporting others to achieve their goals and dreams.

Moana with her adorable puppy, Teddy. Teddy loves to tag along with Moana wherever she goes!

Moana has years of experience in styling and colour analysis and has successfully run dozens of workshops and events.

Moana is no stranger to the limelight and has received numerous awards and recognition for work. Her confidence and enthusiasm is contagious.

What excites you the most about the upcoming Sunsets Range?

"Don't make me choose... I love every single item in the range! I can't wait to help the girls pick the pieces that are right for them"



"I truly enjoy helping women choose clothing and accessories to suit their colouring, body shape, proportions, style personality and lifestyle. I make sure the clients understand why certain colors and styles suit them. This means they feel empowered and excited to put outfits together each day. Every person is unique and individual and fashion and style is something to be enjoyed and used to express that individuality."