We’re here for women of all sizes

Size does not define style!

Let’s talk clothing size. In an ideal world, the clothing industry would cater for all sizes - equally. But there are so many women in the upper range of clothing sizes who just can’t find the designs that suit.

Science of Style is about ALL women. That’s why we’ve added a plus-size collection to our Science of Style range - empowering all women, with style and colour confidence.

At Science of Style we are about empowering and recognising women of all different shapes. We want every woman to reach their full potential. To look better, be happier and to have increased self-esteem through knowledge of style and colour. We’re here for all women.
Check out our full range – from size 6 to size 24.

The Major Collection is about closing the gap for plus size women. We’ve designed styles to bring spark and confidence to women who deserve to be seen, inspired by a woman who is heard and is seen - Moyra Major.


Limited choice is frustrating

The Major Collection is our response to the lacklustre offerings out there. Say goodbye to the old-fashioned or the clingy. We’ve designed styles to bring spark and confidence to your world - inspired by Moyra Major.

Our Tip:
Try Drive Home Pants with the Conversation Tunic. You’ll love:
  • Vertical pin-stripe on the pants lengthens the leg
  • Diagonal drape of the top flatters the waist

Women's Plus Size Clothing

Change your world with colour

A personal Colour Analysis will seriously transform your world. Unlock your best colours, gain invaluable styling advice, and start buying a wardrobe that you’ll actually love to wear.

Our tip:
We are loving
Insignia blue and Storm green Why? They are universal colours that suit both warm and cool undertones. Throw these colours plus others under the Dragonfly print for a different contrast to suit your complexion.

Plus Size Clothing Collection

P.S. We’re celebrating plus-size, but don’t forget we sell ALL SIZES in our full range. If you love the Dragonfly print and you’re less than size 18, choose the one-size-fits-most Effervescent Kimono.