Your Silhouette

There are many issues which cause negative body image from being teased as a child to our cultural tendency to judge people by their appearance or the portrayal of a so called “ideal type “through the media. The truth is your body houses your soul. It is a part of who you are and you should be immensely proud and grateful for the magic that your body is.

Clothing is not only about nurturing who you are and being a part of the image, you present to the world it is also about comfort and protection and culture.

In an ideal world we would not have to categorize anyone. We are all labeled in some way in many aspects of our lives. However, we acknowledge there will always be some variables to the norm. Each garment on our site has been designed to flatter and each garment will flatter some shapes more than others.

Each of our styles is identified with the body shape it will flatter best by the letters A, O,V,X, H,I and 8. These are categories of body shapes we use based on commonly recognized characteristics among the general public. We have listed and described them below.

Identifying a person’s body shape assists us in providing balance and proportion and scale to our outfits. Knowing the unique characteristics of our body can explain why wearing some styles of clothing make us feel and look our best. We acknowledge there are also features of our bodies we wish to diminish or highlight and we do address these issues in our designs and website descriptions.

A Shape Triangle, Pear Shape
You are this shape if Your hips are larger than your shoulders, You have a defined waist

O Shape Circle , Apple
You have narrow hips and a full midsection Your buttocks are somewhat flat and your legs are slender Your bust is large

V Shape Inverted Triangle
Your shoulders are wider than your hips Your hips are slim and your bottom may have a tendency towards the flat side Your waist is subtle Your legs are slender

X Shape Hourglass, Figure 8
Your shoulders and hips are about the same size You have a defined waist

H Shape Brick, Rectangle, Straight
Your shoulders and hips are balanced. You have very little waist definition.

I Shape Petite Column, Ruler. Straight
You are tall and slender with few or no curves and a small bust and long legs.

Eight Shape Exaggerated Triangle, Spoon,Eight.
Your hips are wider than your shoulders. Your waist is defined Your hips have a “shelf “appearance

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