What's Your Colour Type?

Warm or Cool?

How many times have you looked at your outfit in the mirror and said to yourself “This color is washing me out”?

This statement may be your first hint to understanding the importance of color in your wardrobe. Our faces reflect the colors of the clothes we wear with some colors enhancing or accentuating the color of your eyes, skin and features while others may dominate or diminish them.

In fact color awareness is as important as finding clothing to suit your shape. Choosing the right prints & flattering fabrics in your best colours is the key to a super easy mix and match wardrobe.

Let’s talk science for a minute. Everyone's skin color includes strong elements of red based on the color of their blood, which is visible to some degree through the skin. What determines this is the Melanin ( Brown or Orange) and Carotene ( golden or peach ) mix in your blood. This mix in your blood determines whether your skin undertone is warm or cool.

A warm undertone means your skin has a yellow characteristic, a cool undertone is blue.

Warm and cool colours as shown on a traditional Colour Wheel.

Ascertaining whether your skin is warm or cool can be done by placing coloured materials or swatches against your face.

SOS provides an online Colour Analysis Service, which can be viewed here.

Your purchases from us come with a free warm and cool colour system card for you to utilise yourself to help you determine whether you have warm or cool skin undertones.

All our garments are referenced as Warm or Cool , Low , Medium or High Contrast on our website to assist you in buying just the right garment for you. We are also just a phone call away to assist you. Or you can message us via Chat or send us and email.

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