About Science of Style

Do you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? Do you hide in black? Does it take you forever to get dressed in the morning and you still feel you can’t get a great outfit together? Do you spend a fortune on clothes and are still not happy with your look?

Science of Style is all about owning less and looking awesome! It is a clothing label that has been directly driven by a large group of amazing women who via the wonders of a social media platform and under the guidance of a very clever (though sometimes crazy ) fashion stylist , have learned how to be totally in charge of their wardrobes. This store is open to everyone but was created for them.

We want you to stop buying random stuff and start buying pieces that work hard in your wardrobe.

We want you to buy pieces that you can mix and match and last for years. We are anti fast fashion! We are anti manufacturing at any cost and we are anti buy more!! Our product selection is driven by value for money, cost per wear not by what is the cheapest.

Do you think its time you took charge of your wardrobe and your life? Do you want to become the Boss of your Wardrobe? If you want to know how this can happen for you and how you can join this amazing group of women you can find out more here...

In the meantime we hope you enjoy our store and we are happy to encourage you to buy less and live more.

Nat Tucker

NAT TUCKER is a Personal and Interior Stylist, specialising in empowering busy women to be the boss of their wardrobe.

Through her Make It Look Easy newsletter, her signature program Be The Boss Of Your Wardrobe, and The Real Hue eBook, she’s here to shake up your approach to dressing yourself - saving you time and helping you look your best without changing who you are.

When she’s not busy being the Boss of her own wardrobe, and coaching other women to do the same, you’ll find her indulging in a wine and cheese platter on her deck with her handsome husband, and exploring the world with her (almost adult) teenage children.


Nat Tucker
Alison de Boer

Alison de Boer

ALISON DE BOER is a successful fashion retailer who specialised in providing excellent service and quality clothing for her clients. Through her extensive experience in the industry Alison could see the need for women to be guided honestly to the right choices for them as individuals.

“There is definitely a need for more empowerment among women. To help this happen women need the knowledge and confidence to ignore media hype and societal expectations . The idea for the development of this label and website with Nat Tucker from Make It Look Easy was motivated purely for the purpose of making it easier for women to build their perfect wardrobe. One that is not packed to the brim full of stuff that is never worn ,but a wardrobe that consists of simple quality garments that can be mixed and matched to suit the look, lifestyle and personality of the everyday woman."

Alison resides on the northern Gold Coast with her freight forwarder husband and her son and daughter who attend the local University. When she is not helping to make Nats’ ideas and concepts come to fruition, Alison also enjoys a wine with her equally handsome husband on her own deck. Therefore you can only imagine when she gets together with Nat Tucker there is a lot of wine and cheese going on! ( South Australian of course ).